Custom design

What actually makes Almahats differ is the ability of every buyer to customize his order. There are certain times and moments that you would wish to have a partner to be in the position to listen to your needs and either follow your guidelines or suggest a proposition. We offer this flexibility to small businesses but also to individual clients  in order to be able to personalize the items to their needs and also create new products based in their opinions or taste.


This is a service offered that gives the possibility to buyers  to alter a listed product and make it closer to their needs or add a small touch to it . Our products are open to customization, in order to bring them closer to your needs.


A service that gives the opportunity to businesses to create their own unique products  in order to fulfill their clients needs. Be part of what your clients would like to find in your shop that isn’t there.

Our aim is to create products for daily use, products that keep people warm in a very stylish and practical way but above all products that will make people stand out from the ordinary and make them feel themselves by wearing them .We know that every client has different needs, different taste, so we listen and construct accordingly.

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