A Few Words About Us

Almahats handmade is a company based in Kastoria-Greece and dealing with the construction of quality handmade products of fur and leather. Kastoria as a city has a great history in fur-making and fur trading. Kastoria and fur-making are interrelated words in a way. Its history to the being of fur starts approximately at the end of 14th century when Kastorian furriers acquired fame across europe’s commercial centers thanks to their fur making excellence and their deep understanding of this handmade art.
During 20th century all this knowledge of the fur-making along with the extroversion helped to make their fur garments and accessories well-known to the whole world.
Almahats history in fur-making process starts 30 years ago when it first started to deal with the production of fur plates (patchwork) and later fur garments and fur accessories.
Almahats by making the choice to keep the greater volume of its products handcrafted it actually managed to give their clients the opportunity to customize our products according to their needs and taste. Those two characteristics, the handcrafted products and the client’s ability to participate to the final products are those that made us stand out.
Our products are being produced by technicians who are not just experienced but also love what they do.
Extra importance is given to the materials used. Raw materials should meet the requirements in order to be selected. The selection of good quality materials is crucial for many reasons .First and foremost it is our obligation to offer what’s best to the client and secondly good materials are easier to handle by specialists. Furthermore good quality materials give extra value to the final product and that is because it offers longevity and makes it more durable to hard conditions. Raw materials and skins used for the final production are high quality, totally recyclable and eco-friendly aiming to the making of high quality handmade products
Our fur skin suppliers are certified companies to the breeding and tanning and they operate according to international agreements on trapping methods and many more matters that are dealing with the actual conservation and the well-being of endangered species and their natural habitat..
Better described as a family business we are in the position to create high quality products in reasonable prices and that is something guaranteed by our experience to the field.